You know how it's 99% disgusting to throw-up? It stinks, burns, splashes everywhere, makes your eyes water, and cramps up your stomach muscles. BUT, there is the 1%. That far corner of your mind that you don't want to admit is there in the middle of your five alarm fire of hot mess. It is the part that is enjoying the vomiting process. Hopefully, my blog is that 1% .

Friday, December 17, 2010


7:05 Hi Jen. It’s me. Just calling to say “I love you”. Call me. Bye.

8:18 Hey Jen, you wouldn’t believe what John just ate for breakfast. Musta been that new Egg-Sausage-Ass sandwich from the BK. Call me back this time K.

9:54 Jen. Greg. Where the fuck are you? I’ve sent you like 10 texts and left like 10 messages. Call me BACK. NOW!!!!

11:39 Jen. I’m sorry, I think I had low blood sugar or something. John and I were talking in the bathroom and we both agreed that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. When you get a free minute, please call. I love you honey bear! John and I are going to HomeTown Buffet!

1:15 Okay, Jen, this shit isn’t funny anymore. Instead of banging the GODDAM mailman while I’m working my ass off to support your uneducated, lazy, boney ass, how about putting down every cock in the neighborhood and getting back to me or we are OVER like a SOBER ROVER!

1:16 Wow Jen, I definitely crossed the line on that one. I am really sorry. Really! It’s just that I love you sooo much baby. You know how crazy you make me. HAHA! I’m your passionate stallion! Neeeeiiiiggghhhhh!!! HA! But seriously, if you don’t call me back soon, I’m afraid I’ll cut myself again. Okay, bye. Call me. Bye. Don’t forget. Okay bye. Okay?

2:12 JEN PICK UP THE PHONE!!! There was a HUGE EARTHQUAKE and John dove under his desk like a giant pussy. But get this, all of his stupid Salesman of the Month trophies blocked his way out and guess who saved him? Me! HAHA! I got this huge adrenaline rush and saved his limp-dicked ass. The guys think you are totally gonna blow me now! Haha! Okay. Talk to ya soon.

3:33 I gave you your chance and you BLEW IT Jen! You are such a passive-aggressive fucking ungrateful fucking whore. GeT THe FUcK OuTtA MY LIFE!!! UNDERSTAND ASSFACE?! WE ARE THROUGH!! I HATE YOU!!! HOPE YOU DIE!! Why, oh why did I waste my life with you? You have brought me nothing but pain and misery! I have been nothing but honest, loving and heroic. You owe me more. I owe myself more than this. I’ve been talking to John and we both think you have been using me for a looong time. He should totally know on accounta his gayness. We gave it a good run I guess. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, my heart was never really into it all the way anyways. I took pity on a poor little helpless girl. I did you a huge favor and got nothing back. That’s the last time I think of someone else first. Good riddance skank!

3:34 Oh, HAHA! I just found that little reminder note you left in my attache. Whoops, I completely forgot you were taking my mom to the Camarillo Outlets today. Hope you had a great time. Should I pick up some dinner on the way home? Love you! We’re good right?

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  1. Performance Garfunkle - I get it. Cant you just lay down in the street or hang upside down for a long period of time? Jen let me know Spot needs a good ol gang initiation style asskicking and I will get a hold of your brothers.